How Important Is Preparation For Success

All of us have certain goals in life which we want to achieve. Whether you are a student or a professional you must have some vision of attaining some goals in life in terms of money, health or victories. No goal can be attained until unless you do preparation for success. For example, if you're a sportsman and your goal is to win a match, then you will plan to practice your game regularly, and take a special diet to become physically fit and perfect. This will be your preparation for success. Simply setting a goal or planning to work hard can't make you successful. For attaining success Preparation is must. 

Abraham Lincoln said about importance of preparation.

If I had eight hours to chop a tree. I'd spend six hours sharpening my axe.

Three Step Strategy of Preparation for Success

It makes a lot of difference whether you are prepared for accomplishing any task or not. Obviously, you cannot be prepared for every unexpected challenge coming your way but at least be prepared for what you are aiming at. Your strategy should comprise of these three steps.

Set your goals
Do the necessary planning
Do required hard work and preparation for success

If you miss any step from the above mentioned steps then there is a possibility that you might face failure. 

Why Is Preparation Needed For Success?

Benjamin Franklin said,

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

We only see the success of people, and ignore the effort and hardwork which leads people to success. Success and preparation go hand in hand. To be successful you have to be prepared. Your preparation for success makes you confident to believe in yourself. Suppose you have to appear for some exam or interview, what gives you confidence is your preparation and this is actually your preparation for success. We can't remain prepared for every challenge but at least we should remain prepared for expected challenges.

Benefits of Preparation For Success

 Preparation for success means to get ready and do beforehand preparation for achieving success. This preparation is important because it gives you many benefits like;

Preparation for success guarantees you success for example if your goal is to get a good wheat crop from your fields then you will plan first when to sow seeds, when to water the field, when to use fertilizers and pesticides and when to harvest. Obviously for achieving your goals you will have to prepare yourself by buying seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and arrangements for ploughing and harvesting. If you do not prepare yourself then achieving your goal will be impossible.
It enables you to achieve your goals and fulfil your dreams.
Preparation for success builds your confidence and teaches you the importance of hard work.
Preparation for success saves you time.
It improves your wisdom and strategic thinking.
Preparation for success increases your flexibility because you always remain ready to follow plan B if plan A is not yielding good results.
It builds resilience in your personality which removes your fears. When you have done all preparation for success then you are ready to accept the results and consequences. You accept your mistakes and next time try to come up with better preparation.

Preparation for success is very important for achieving your goals. You can succeed in achieving your goals if you have done the necessary planning and preparation. This preparation saves your time and builds your confidence. It improves your wisdom and strategic thinking skills.

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